Сферы деятельности

Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет


Find.Exchange, a new marketplace for currency exchange. We locate and compare not only the demand for foreign currency “Cash” but as well Send & Receive Money “Online Remittance” and the most value for money Travel Cards in the market and worldwide.


We offer the Traveller, a powerful comparison platform (mobile app & desktop) that helps users locate and compare the most competitive currency exchange based on their location wherever they are in the world, offering them detailed information like address, street view, contact details, opening hours, money providers, payment methods, reviews, other services and our USP - live currency rates and the possibility of booking currency online…


On the other hand the FX Retailer, we offer an advanced desktop platform on the cloud to manage their business needs, branch(s), publish and update the currency rates they deal with, live chat with customers, answer reviews and most important view an advanced breakdown of data on an easy and beautifully designed dashboard.

One of their main benefits is to encourage foot traffic into their businesses.


We are currently a unique dedicated marketplace and guided to mobile users.


We are looking to establish our service with top travel sites, search engines and financial firms by offering an API for 3rd party usage, aiming to give the users the missing 4th pillar of the travel industry that is Currency, the market has already massively covered Flights, Accommodation and Transport.

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